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Terms and Conditions


  1. Access to car parks
    1.1 All car parks operated by MECC Maastricht are paid parking, unless decided otherwise by MECC Maastricht.

    1.2 Only motorcycles, passenger cars, and company cars with a maximum length of 4.80 metres may be parked in the car parks. Traiders of any kind, including caravans, are not permitted in the car parks. On the parking areas of MECC Maastricht, parking is only allowed in the parking spaces by motorcycles, passenger cars and company cars with a maximum length of 5 meters. It is not permitted to enter the parking areas with trailers of any kind, including caravans and campers. In certain cases, MECC Maastricht will make an exception to this if the functionality of the grounds changes in the context of the event to be held.

    1.3 The following drive through heights apply to the covered MECC Maastricht car parks: P5: 205 cm and P1 and P7 covered: 200 cm

    1.4 MECC Maastricht is entitled to refuse any vehicle access to the car parks if MECC Maastricht considers this advisable in respect of reasonableness and fairness. This will be the case in particular if MECC  Maastricht knows or suspects that a vehicle could damage the area in the broadest sense.

    1.5 The vehicles parked in the car parks must satisfy the same conditions as vehicles parked on the public road (vehidle certificate Part III/third party insurance, etc.). The Road Tragic Act and the Road Traffic and Traffic Signals Regulations apply an and around the car parks.


  1.  Rules
    1.1 During the stay in the car park, the car park user must behave in accordance with the provisions of the Road Traffic Act, further rules set by this act, the Road Traffic and Traffic  Signals Regulations  and pertaining schedules, as well as the further rules pursuant to said regulations. Failure to comply will mean the car park user is liable for any ensuing damage.

    1.2 The car park user is further required to fallow any instructions of the staff of the car park, to park the car in the indicated place, and to behave such that the traffic in and/or around the car park is not obstructed and safety is not compromised.

    1.3 The car park staff are entitled, if necessary, in the opinion of the staff, to move vehicles within the car parks and/or remove any vehicle from the car park without this leading to any liability of the lessor or the staff. The staff must act reasonably and carefully when assessing the need to move and/or remove a vehicle.
  2. Prevention/limitations of use
    2.1.Selling goods, offering them for sale, letting them, or leasing them in the car parks is not permitted.

    2.2 Bringing explosive, flammable, or otherwise dangerous and/or hazardous substances into the car parks is not permitted, with the exception of engine fuel in the normal fuel tank of the vehicle intended for that purpose.

    2.3 It is not permitted to carry out repairs to the vehicle at the car park or other work unless explicit consent has been given by the car park management.

    2.4 The car park user must ensure that no nuisance or trouble is caused for the users of the buildings/offices in the vicinity or other users of the car parks.

    2.5 The car park user shouId ensure no pollution of any kind in the car parks. Waste and rubbish must be deposited in the intended containers.

    2.6 The passengers of the vehicles parked in the car parks are not permitted to stay in the vehicle longer than is needed to park the actual vehicle. 0nce the vehicle has been parked, the passengers must leave the vehicle and the part of the car park onIy intended far parking.


  1. Liability
    1.1 The car parks are not guarded. MECC Maastricht accepts no liability for damage, theft, or loss of property and personal effects of the car park user. MECC Maastricht also accepts no liability for any damage to the property of the car park user or bodily injury and/or other damage, directly or indirectly caused by or as a result of using the car park, unless the damage was directly caused by the lessor and/or staff of the car park insofar as this liability is not excluded in any other clause of the General Conditions. The car park user will also mean other passengers of the vehicle.

    1.2 The car park user is liable for all damage he/she causes. Damage caused by the car park user to the car park or pertaining equipment wilI be recovered from the car park user.